R.B.I. Productions provides services for creating Audio CDs and Music DVD Compilations and Reissues including:

A&R: Develop marketable compilation and reissue concepts and track listings for both physical product and digital downloads.

Tape Research: Research and find original master tapes and previously unreleased material

Mixing: Oversee and participate in mixing multi track tapes in both stereo and surround

DVD Authoring: Create content, menu and oversee analog conversion of video to Mpeg format

Mastering: Obtain original two-track masters for all cleared tracks and work with engineer to re-EQ new master.

Licensing: Assist legal department with license requests and follow-ups.

Packaging Content: Compile packaging copy, credits and liner notes for final physical package.

Art Direction: Work with art directors to develop consumer friendly packaging and/or web content.

Coordinate printing, pressing and packaging of finished goods.

Marketing: Work with label, distribution and marketing company to establish focus and scope of marketing plan.

Archiving: Transfer all analog formats to preserve and archive digitally.

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